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What is CBD Oil?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the most popular active ingredients found in the cannabis plant family. There are two main categories that have been used to define classes of cannabis molecules. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is a classification of cannabis that contains 0.3% or less THC content (by dry weight). Marijuana, on the other hand, is classes of cannabis that are the opposite and with the increased level of THC comes the psychotropic and euphoric effects that the user experiences. CBD does not give you the ‘high’ feeling associated with the psychoactive effects the THC molecule induces. There are many extracting methods of CBD from the hemp plant and Calyx Wellness uses a winterization method which during the process the CBD molecule is isolated and dried for formulation. Calyx Wellness uses a CBD isolate in their products because we believe in focusing on the benefits of the molecule and utilizing it to target those issues in the body where it can improve. The CBD isolate is then formulated into our signature oil blend of grapeseed and MCT oil. Simple ingredients for the most effective results! 

Why buy CBD oil online?

When one is looking to buy CBD oil online, be sure to keep an eye out for a high-quality blend of ingredients with the right type of CBD. If you are looking for a product that does not have a THC content, you are looking for a product that is infused with a ‘CBD isolate’. Calyx Wellness produces and manufactures all products with Non-GMO, organic, hemp-derived CBD isolate. You can buy CBD oil online with a click of a button on the Calyx Wellness website. We make it easy for you to shop our oil tinctures by offering a variety of concentrations of CBD and guidance on what product is suited best for you. We also offer a wide selection of blogs and educational pieces that answer questions about what is CBD* and what dose is right for me?

CBD oil Benefits

There are continuous scientific studies submerging with supportive evidence of CBD oil having benefits for both humans and animals and showing great improvements. With more evidence supporting CBD and its benefits, more people are interested in researching more about the molecule and how it can benefit them. CBD is often called the ‘miracle molecule’ because of all the many benefits this one molecule possesses! Some of the many known benefits of CBD include its anti-inflammatory properties and its assistance with reducing pain of muscles and joints associated with arthritis. While CBD oil can assist with pain, it can also help to reduce stress and anxiety by bringing a sense of balance and calmness to the mind. These are some of the most prevalent benefits that CBD carries, and when infused in an oil, you are also reaping the benefits of the carrier oil as well. MCT or coconut oil is great for skin and hair health and when infused with CBD is great for promoting hydration.

How to use CBD Oil

If you are looking to buy CBD oil online, be sure to research the ingredients, find which concentration is right for you and understand how to use the product. CBD oil commonly comes in a tincture form, with a dropper, and is known to be taken sublingually (under the tongue). Allow the oil to sit under the tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds for optimal saturation. The CBD oil is being absorbed into the bloodstream and the effects of the CBD will occur quicker than a capsule, which is a slow release. Be sure to buy CBD oil online that is right for you! Check out our CBD buying guide to get a better understanding on what concentration is best and how to use our products. Feel free to even give us a call, as we are here to heal, we are always here to help!


What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant and during this extraction a content of CBD is found. Calyx Wellness uses a winterization process of the hemp stalks to achieve their high-quality CBD oils. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is extracted from the hemp seed and in the seed, there is little, to no CBD content. Hemp oil is commonly seen in health food stores and is used for cooking and skin care products.

Does CBD oil have THC in it?

Calyx Wellness CBD oils contain a THC content below the standard governing level of 0.3% in all their CBD products. This means that there is barely a trace of THC in the product. You will not feel any sense of being ‘high’ from taking Calyx Wellness CBD oils. You can contact us today for third-party lab testing to support the potency of the product!

Does CBD oil make you high?

Calyx Wellness CBD oils are made with hemp-derived CBD and we have made it our mission to make sure there is below the standard level of THC in our products because we believe you deserve the heal without the ‘high’. There are many CBD oil products online that can carry a concentration of THC, be sure to do your research to find which product is best for you!

Can you vape CBD oil?

You cannot vape Calyx Wellness CBD oil. It has not been formulated to be used in any vaporizing equipment and it is to your discretion to try. Do not try to use our CBD oils to vape and Calyx Wellness is not responsible for the damage of any vaporizers.

Does CBD oil make you Sleepy?

CBD oil is a supplement to help improve your everyday wellness. You can take CBD oil and go about your daily routine without feeling drowsy. CBD oil is used to help improve the clarity of your mind and boost your body to get through the day. CBD does not help you get to sleep but it can definitely help you stay asleep and in your REM sleep cycles for a longer period of time giving you a good night's rest!

Can you take too much CBD oil?

Everyone saturates the molecule differently and dosing will differ depending on the person. Always start with a smaller dose of CBD and work your way up. You must experiment with your dosing to see what amount is right for you. You may feel a sense of drowsiness if you have taken too much than you need.

Does CBD oil help with pain?

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce pain of muscles and joints associated with sports injuries, menstrual cramps or arthritis. Calyx Wellness CBD oils should be used as a daily supplement to help with reducing pain for long-term rehabilitation. Along with a healthy, active lifestyle, CBD can be the perfect supplement to add to your self-care routine!

How many drops of CBD Oil should I take?

As mentioned before, everyone saturates CBD differently and therefore dosing will be different. Calyx Wellness CBD oils have droppers with measurements to make dosing easier for you. A good tip is to start with 4-5 drops and work your way up to a larger dose. Experiment with the CBD oil to find what dose is right for you.

How long does CBD oil last?

CBD oil should be taken daily and either once or twice per day, dependent on its use. The CBD molecule could last days in the bloodstream, which benefits the body to use the molecule where necessary, and that is why CBD oil is known to have no dependency or non-addictive.