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What is CBD for Pets?

We know that our furry friends mean a lot to us and that is why we wanted to offer a line of products focused on CBD for pets! CBD continues to prove itself as having great benefits for pets and we always encourage ourselves to look for healthy alternatives to improve their health. CBD for pets is a natural alternative to improving your companion’s overall well-being. Our pet tincture collection is made with high-grade coconut-oil and hemp-derived CBD – we not only want to offer the best ingredients to our human consumers, but our furry friends as well! Some of the benefits of CBD for pets include, assistance with general mobility, anxiousness (from storms or fireworks for example) or pain mitigation. Here at Calyx Wellness, you will find a variety of concentrations that will best suit your pets according to their weight. Here is a little dosing help to guide you to the right product: if your pet is under 10kg, you should always start with a lower concentration of CBD such as Relief.

Why buy CBD pet products?

It is always important to do research on all pet products before purchasing. You want to make sure that you are choosing the right product for your pet. Some CBD oils on the market are not always targeted to pets so therefore you need to find a product that is focused on pet health for the best results. Calyx Wellness has dedicated a whole line of tinctures to our furry friends because we know how important it is to find a good quality product that is not harmful yet effective. Oil tinctures for pets are one of the best ways to administer CBD to your pets because by administering the tincture directly in their mouth (on a spoon), you are getting the most absorption possible. If your pet is having a hard time taking the oil, you are more than welcome to put the CBD oil on treats or in their meals  – you will still get the benefits of CBD so always do what is best for your pet! Calyx Wellness stands by the ingredients and the safety of our formula to be consumed by our pets. We always encourage you to consult your veterinarian before using any of our products!

CBD Benefits for Pets

There is always scientific education submerging on the benefits of CBD for pets. We have a variety of blogs that focus on CBD for dogs* and CBD for cats*. We are always available to try to answer your pet questions whether it be through our educational material or a phone call. Just as CBD benefits humans, so does it benefit pets and that is because we all have an endocannabinoid system. CBD is a receptor to the endocannabinoid system and the system aids in allowing our bodies to work at a balanced state. CBD is a great starting point to improving your pet’s overall well-being. We have had such great feedback from customers who have been using Calyx Wellness CBD pet line and have remained committed to the product because of the results. We always remind our customers to consult their veterinarians if they have any questions about CBD and its benefits for their pets. If you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD, please visit our learn or blog page for more information!

CBD for Pets FAQ

Can I give my dog CBD oil?

Calyx Wellness took the time and formulated the pet tincture line, so it is safe for pet consumption. The only three ingredients in our pet products are coconut-oil, hemp-derived CBD and natural flavourings (chicken and bacon flavour). We always encourage you to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any CBD oil.

Can I give CBD oil to my cat?

Calyx Wellness pet tincture line has been formulated for all mammals with an endocannabinoid system – this includes cats too! We have formulated our pet tinctures to carry only the best ingredients for our furry friends. Please visit our dosing guide to understand what dose is right for your cat! This is a reminder that we always encourage you to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any CBD oil.

Can CBD help with my pet’s digestion?

CBD has been proven to help with gut health through numerous scientific studies by assisting alongside an anti-inflammatory diet. This goes for pets too! CBD for pets can help with any digestion issues that are a result of inflammation. Not only does the CBD molecule help with digestion, but so does the carrier oil (coconut-oil), which is also good for your pet’s skin and coat maintenance.

Can CBD oil for pets be used for humans?

Yes, Calyx Wellness for pets can be consumed by humans. Our pet tincture line has only three main ingredients (coconut-oil, hemp-derived CBD and natural flavouring) in its formula and they are all safe for human consumption. Calyx pet line also has the same concentrations available in the human line. So don’t be scared to share with your furry friends!

Is there a limit of CBD oil I can give my pet?

We always encourage you to consult your veterinarian when first trying CBD for pets as every pet is different and you want to do what is best for your pet! We recommend stay within a maximum dose based on the weight of the pet. A good tip to always remember is 1mg of CBD per 1kg of your dog or cat. That is the MAX dose per day you should work with. There is not enough substantial evidence of dosing for pets currently and every pet, including humans, absorb the molecule differently. It is always best to start with a smaller dose and work your way up to the max dosing that has been mentioned.