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Puppy Love

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What are CBD Pet Bath Bombs?

Introducing our CBD Pet Bath Bombs – Puppy Love! We designed this special product for your special pals that deserve all of the tender loving care in the world. Our goal was to translate the nurturing qualities of a Bath Bomb that we would use for ourselves and extend it to our furry friends that could benefit from a good soak, especially with the added benefits of CBD therapy. Our Puppy Love CBD Pet Bath Bombs are made with soothing oatmeal and are simple to use. All you need to do is fill the tub halfway to your pet’s legs with warm water, drop Puppy Love in the water, let your pet soak for 2-5 minutes, and follow with your normal shampoo routine! Puppy Love can be used to target specific goals such as reducing aggression and hyperactivity, easing skin irritations, promoting anti-inflammation or just for everyday use to promote peace in your pet’s life. If your pet is prone to anxiety around bath time, this could be the perfect product to introduce into the routine, as CBD is anxiolytic, and it could help your furry friend reimagine what bath time means for them.

CBD Pet Bath Bomb Benefits

Cannabidiol in general is an excellent supplement to introduce to your furry friends and family. CBD continues to prove itself as a great natural alternative to support your pet’s health and wellbeing. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, in which CBD connects to and works within. Through this system, it encourages homeostasis – natural balance and harmony – making it a great molecule for a wide variety of ailments and conditions. Many pet owners use CBD to combat separation anxiety, injuries, joint and muscle pain caused by old age, and the list goes on. CBD Pet Bath Bombs are our way of translating the self-care experience we would use on ourselves, to our pets, in a way that is both beneficial and fun. CBD Pet Bath Bombs target an additional area of wellbeing for your companions - their skincare. Our furry friends, just like us, are prone to bug bites and skin irritations and soaking in CBD can provide topical benefits in addition to the neurological and emotional that we have already seen with ingestible products. Puppy Love is created with soothing oatmeal as well which is a great additive for pets and lends itself to the properties of CBD.

CBD Pet Bath Bombs FAQ

Are CBD Bath Bombs Safe for Pets?

Our CBD Pet Bath Bombs Puppy Love are non-toxic and safe for your pet’s bath time. Using all-natural ingredients, these Pet Bath Bombs are specifically designed for your pet’s wellbeing. It is suggested to try a sample patch on your pet before moving forward with a full soak, especially if any of these ingredients are unfamiliar to your pet thus far in their lives. CBD Pet Bath Bombs are designed for a 2-5 minute soak before rinsing off with their usual wash and shampoo routine. Puppy Love is made with organic rolled oats, a common ingredient in the pet products, for comfort and confidence that what you are giving your pets is safe and familiar to them.

Do CBD Bath Bombs for Pets Help with Bug Bites?

Puppy Love, our CBD Pet Bath Bombs, were inspired by the drive to bring the topical benefits of CBD to our pet pals. Beyond the annoyance of bug bites, they can often times be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. There is a plethora of research that indicates that the CBD molecule has properties to reduce swelling and neutralize itchiness from bites and stings. Soaking your pet in our CBD Pet Bath Bombs can be a vital step in your pet’s wellness routine, to promote their strongest health and wellbeing. 

How long should I soak my pets with CBD Bath Bombs?

Using the CBD Pet Bath Bombs slightly differ to how you would normally use a Bath Bomb for yourself! Instead of drawing a bath and soaking in it for as long as desired, the Puppy Love Bath Bloom is designed to be a step in your pet’s hygiene ritual. Begin by drawing a bath roughly halfway up your pet’s legs or more if desired. Drop your CBD Pet Bath Bombs into the water and allow your pet to soak between 2 and 5 minutes roughly. From there, give a rinse and continue with your pet’s normal wash and shampoo routine.

How often should you use CBD Bath Bombs for Pets?

Everyone and every pet’s Endocannabinoid System is unique, requiring a different amount of CBD at different frequencies. CBD is generally integrated into someone’s self-care routine on a consistent basis but is also oftentimes utilized toward a specific goal that is perhaps more severe or time sensitive. Your pet can benefit from our Puppy Love CBD Pet Bath Bombs during any bath time experience to promote relaxation and anti-inflammation, or you can choose to amplify your pet’s self-care experience in times of situational crisis such as bug bites or heightened muscle soreness from an injury.